Whether you've been injured in an automobile accident, had a sport or work place injury or have that nagging pain that comes and goes, we are here for you.  We can help reverse the effects of injuries by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits.

Chiropractic can help.  And Dr. Garvey's care is gentle and effective.                                                                                             

Dr. Garvey's “Gentle” Method of Chiropractic care

Dr. Garvey’s gentle method of care is an instrument called an Activator.  The Activator technique is the most widely used “low force” technique in chiropractic.  This specific method of adjusting has been developed with the ability to restore proper spinal balance - and to do it with safety and comfort.  The hand held Activator has been specifically designed to deliver a controlled, light, and fast thrust without the undue strain to you, the patient.  The thrust delivered by the instrument is so quick that it accelerates ahead of the body’s own tendency to tighten up and resist the thrust of an adjustment.  Because of its accuracy and controlled light force, the Activator method of adjustments are suitable and comfortable for all types of patients, ranging from pregnant women, babies and children, to athletes and senior citizens.

Your First Step To Better health

On your initial visit, you will have paperwork to complete and should present a copy of your insurance cards to Diane or Jennefir.  Also, if you have any other information that you would wish Dr. Garvey to review, such as other x-rays or reports, please bring those. 

Dr. Garvey completes a thorough examination and takes x-rays before any treatment begins to determine what spinal conditions exist.  Our office uses the latest x-ray equipment to assure a precise picture.  X-rays are necessary to determine the exact cause of your problems.

On your second visit Dr. Garvey will go over his Report of Findings and discuss what care he feels you will need to return you to better health.  

The first phase of care is acute care/pain management.  When a new patient comes in there is usually a specific problem, which is often pain related.  We don't want to see you suffer and will focus on helping you feel better.  It is important to know that pain is often the last symptom to appear and the first symptom to go away.  Just because you might start feeling better doesn't mean the cause of the pain is gone.  It is important to continue care because we don't want to see you in pain again, if possible.

The second phase of care is corrective care.  Healing begins in this phase.  Muscles, ligaments, and tendons that were stressed need time to recover.  Re-injury often occurs during this phase when proper healing time is not given.

The third phase of care is wellness care.  After your body has healed, it's time to begin injury prevention.  No one wants to be in pain and we strive to help your body be its best.  Just like yearly visits to a family doctor or dentist, it's also important to keep your spine aligned.

We specialize in treating: 

Low Back Pain

Mid Back Pain
Joint Pain


Spinal Degeneration
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sports Injuries
Neck Pain
Stiff Neck
Accident Related Injuries
Shoulder Injuries 
Hip pain
Radiating Arm and Leg Pain
Rotator Cuff
Tennis Elbow

We keep the following products in stock:

Re-usable Gel Ice Packs
Formula 303

Back Supports